Honor Flight Tri-State recognizes American Veterans for your sacrifices and accomplishments by flying you to Washington DC to visit your memorial at no cost. WE are accepting applications from all veterans over the age of 65 who have served either stateside or overseas, war time or peace time. All veterans are given priority based on birth year; oldest going first. Terminally ill veterans get priority on all flights. It is our goal to provide you a safe, memorable, and rewarding experience. To help us do that, ALL veterans will be accompanied by a Guardian. If you do not have someone or that person cannot meet the expense of $600, we will provide a Guardian to assist you throughout the day. The information contained on this application is for the use of Honor Flight Tri-State only and will not be shared with anyone. Please visit our website at www.honorflighttristate.org for further information about the Honor Flight Tri-State program.

If you have questions, please call us on our hotline, 513-277-9626.

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