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Want to know what you can do to help Honor Flight ?


Friends of Honor Flight often ask what they can do to help Honor Flight meet it goals:

“To take as many veterans as we can, as fast as we can,

to see their memorials in Washington DC – on an all expense paid trip “

Here are a few ways you can help without even leaving Cincinnati !


1. Help us find eligible veterans to participate in the program.

The criteria is listed on this website. (Click the "APPLICATIONS" tab above)


2. Send us a personal donation.

100% of proceeds go directly to the veteran's flights! ( DONATE HERE  )


3. Write letters or cards to be included in their Mail Call envelopes after the flight! 

Letters can be very generic – Dear Veteran etc.  We just want them to know in writing, what their service means to us.  Be personal. Tell them how you value your freedom and why you want to thank them. Tell them a story about your personal veteran and why you are interested in veterans. Tell them Thank you in every way you can ! These letters mean so much to them. They think no one notices them any more and it has often  been many years since they served our country. Send the completed letters to Honor Flight Tri-State Headquarters, 8627 Calumet Way, Cincinnati, OH 45249. Click for MORE INFO.


4. Come to a Welcome Home Rally with a friend

Dates of the Rally’s coincide with our flight dates – on the first page of the website.  They are held on the lower level of the airport from 9:00 pm until the plane arrives )


5. Organize a Fundraiser with your group, school or club.

ALL fundraisers must be cleared with Headquarters before moving forward.  Please contact us on the hotline for details – 513-277-9626. No unauthorized use of our logo please !!


Thank you for your interest in helping us with our  Honor Flight Tri-State  Mission and we look forward to hearing from you soon.  All of the veterans we serve appreciate you patriotism.

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