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Initial Guardian Application to fly from Cincinnati Ohio
(sign up to get on the list)
& Sign-In
(when invited for a flight)

Image 3.png
Image 3.png

** Portal may not work as intended on some mobile phones **
The guardian fee for April & May 2024 is $600.      Fall fees are to be determined.

If you are a guardian for a family member be aware that this is an 18-hour day. Your veteran must be able to go up & down the 6 steps, on & off the bus, 14 times during the day. We are not able to accommodate wheelchair-bound persons.
If you wish to be registered in our database,
1 - click the             
button below
2 - on the next screen click 
  Sign up   to create an account.

1- You have already entered your information into our database,
2- And have now been notified that you have been selected for a flight.
3 - C
lick the              button below
4- THEN click the 
Sign In button on the next screen.
5- Now enter your e-mail address and password
you used when you originally signed up.

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