Q: Nothing is FREE!, What is the catch?
A: There is NOT a catch, we promise!  As a nation, our freedoms have been guaranteed by the devoted service and sacrifice of our Veterans. This is our chance to finally say a proper 'Thank you' to our most treasured Veterans. All Veterans older than 65 years of age are now eligible to apply for a flight.  veterans travel for free - no kidding ! There is no charge for anything for veterans flying with Honor Flight Tri-State.

Q: How much does it cost? How much money do I need to bring?

A: The cost is FREE to the veteran. The veteran need not to bring any money, unless you intend to purchase souvenirs.


Q: How are you funded?

A: Honor Flight receives no government grants and all monies raised go directly to fly the veterans . We are an all volunteer program with no paid staff.  Our funding comes from small and large donations from individuals across the country that recognize the great accomplishments and sacrifices of these veterans and want to help them see their memorials before it is too late!  Our donors also include corporations, foundations, fraternal organizations, veterans organizations and memorial donations. Donations may be made directly to our headquarters in Cincinnati or through our PayPal account, all accessed through the "DONATIONS" button on the "HOME" page.


Q: How can I make a donation to Honor Flight?

A: Anyone can make a donation.  All donations are tax deductible under the 501c(3) designation from the IRS, please use the "DONATE HERE" link or accessed through the "Donations Button" on the "home page".

Q: Is there a new policy about the age and war service of the Veterans eligible?

A: Yes, when Honor Flight was started, we were limited to World War ll veterans and in 2014 we moved on to honor the Korean veterans. We are still taking all World War ll and Korean veterans that want to make the trip, but as of the 2015 flying season, we are accepting applications from any veterans above the age of 65, All veterans qualify.  We will not leave anyone behind! A veteran is defined as someone who served in the military.  A veteran list is being compiled by veteran age, oldest traveling first.  Please apply so we can put you on the list now.  Applications will be held over from year to year, you do not need to re-apply every year.

Q: "I am not a hero - those guys paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and I do not deserve to go."

A: We understand your reluctance to be called a hero, but anyone that was drafted or volunteered to serve our country is eligible. The Honor Flight Tour honors all those that did not return. We lay wreaths and have a ceremony at all of the War memorials: World War ll, Korean and Vietnam. We view the Changing of the Guard at Arlington and often are privileged to lay the wreath in a very touching ceremony sponsored by the Old Guard, protectors of the Tomb. Please join us to honor those that did not return as well as those of you that did. You are all heroes in our eyes!


Q: Will a health issue prevent a vet from flying?

A:  We frequently receive questions about the physical demands of Honor Flights. Our goal is to host as many veterans as possible to visit the memorials honoring them for their service. Honor Flight works with vendors compliant with the accessibility requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), but the program is physically demanding for some elderly veterans. Applicants should consider carefully, whether they can endure this type of trip/ tour, including consultation with a doctor.  An Honor Flight is a long day but a long time coming, and we have to be sure that the veterans who apply can handle it.​  The safety and dignity of our veterans is our top priority.

We are mobile all day visiting memorials during our 18-hour day, transportation provided by tour buses in Washington DC after arriving at Reagan National Airport with American Airlines and will require getting in and out of a tour bus many times (up to 14 times on the day of the trip).   

  • Veterans needing oxygen must obtain a prescription from their Primary Care Physician and provide their own oxygen generating device with sufficient battery power. Devices must be approved by American Airlines.  

  • Approved devices can be found on American Airlines web page (click here).

  • Any veterans that use canes or walkers are encouraged to use wheelchairs supplied by Honor Flight Tri-State to tour the memorials because the surfaces are all uneven and unsafe.  We do not have the capacity to take motorized scooters.  For veterans who may be concerned about the physical demands of a trip to Washington, we offer a "Flightless Honor Flight" (click here for info)

  • Medical Form #2 will be mailed to you when your name is at top of the list.

  • All veterans must complete Medical Form #2 filled out and reviewed by our staff . The medical director has the final "OK" on who will fly.

  • Medical Form #2 must be completed and your Primary Care Physician must sign it prior to your trip.  


Q: How do you decide which veterans get to go?

A: The process begins for VETERANS when:

  1. Veterans apply on line on this website (use the "Applications" tab above. Fill out the on-line form or send us the completed pdf hardcopy and mail to the Honor Flight Tri-State Headquarters, 8627 Calumet Way, Cincinnati, OH 45249.

  2. After the initial application is received , you will be put on our waiting list.

    • World War ll veterans will be given top priority followed by Korean veterans at this time.

    • The veterans are qualified in order of birth date.

    • When your name comes to the top of the waiting list, the calling team and schedulers will call you.

    • You will be mailed our Medical Form #2. This form will have to be completed by your physician and returned to the schedulers within two weeks.

    • When the form is received you and your guardian will receive a call and asked a series of additional questions. All decisions on who flies when will be under the supervision of the Calling Team. 

A: The process begins for GUARDIANS when:

  1. Guardians wishing to accompany a specific veteran apply either on-line at the SAME time as your veteran or mail the hard copy applications together.

  2. All other guardians apply individually and we will match you to a deserving veteran.  Both family and solo guardians will be expected to pay the guardian fee of $600 (2020)  and to attend a guardian meeting a week before your assigned flight.

  3. All guardians must be between the ages of 18-70.

Q: Can my wife (husband) go with me?

A: NO. Honor Flight Tri-State is a member of the National Honor Flight Network and the Network has a policy of not flying spouses of veterans unless they, too, were military veterans.  

Q: Can my son, daughter, grandson, etc. go as a guardian?

A: Yes, but they must fill out and apply online on this website as instructed above. Who will or will not serve as a guardian and how many guardians will be needed is the sole responsibility of the Program Director. That decision is based upon many factors, such as: 1. How many disabled veterans are scheduled to go?  2. Which guardian applicants are most qualified? Medically trained, active duty military personnel and previous guardians are given top priority and serve as leadership members. Once the director feels enough of those positions have been filled, other applicants are then considered. Again, these decisions rest solely with the Program Director.


Q: What is the guardian fee? What is included?
 The guardian fee for 2020 is $600 and includes airfare for charter flight, all meals and refreshments, tour bus and tour guide in Washington, D.C., and guardian T-shirt on the day of the flight.  It's an experience of a lifetime!

Q: What if there is no Honor Flight program in my State?
A: Go to HonorFlight.org and search regional hubs in your state.


Q: Who is in charge of the program?

A: Throughout the United States there are many programs that operate in conjunction with Honor Flight. The individual program directors are part of a partnership called the Honor Flight Network. This governing body establishes general protocols, policies, credentialing, and maintains a national website and oversight of several programs. The Honor Flight Tri-State organization is based out of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Q: How can I find out information on the next flight or Welcome Home celebration?
A: The Welcome Home celebration is open to the public and takes place in the Terminal (the old Delta Terminal that used to be called Terminal #3 on the lower level - Meet and Greet area. The plane arrives at CVG about 9pm but many greeters arrive earlier to renew acquaintances and be part of the pre- party fun. Park in short term parking and come across the bridge to the terminal and come down the stairs. It takes the Honor Flight staff a few minutes to get all of the veterans off of the plane, and we wait for everyone to come out of the tunnel together so no one misses this special part of the trip.

Q: How can I contact Honor Flight Tri State?
A: Call the Hot Line 513-277-9626 or email us by CLICKING HERE 

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