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If you would like to take part in the welcome home ceremonies, arrive at CVG Airport by 9:30 P.M. in the lower level of the "Terminal" (old Delta terminal) to welcome our heros home.

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Our mission is simple - To Fly as many World War II, Korean Veterans and Veterans that are 65 years of age or older, no matter if they served in a "war" or not. We will not leave anyone behind... The Veterans will be scheduled by date of birth, the most elder Veterans will travel first.

The trip is at no cost to the Veterans and we are currently looking for Vets in the Tri-State area. We are accepting applications from all Vets that are age 65 or older. World War ll veterans have top priority and will be moved to the top of the waiting list. All Korean veterans will be taken in order of receipt of their applications. The list is long, but the first step is to fill out an application on this website. See the area to the left and click onto the veteran application.

If you prefer a paper application, please call the hotline number and leave a message.
The Hotline number is: 513-277-9626.

We are also accepting guardian applications. Guardians can be family members, no spouses - ages 18-64. Guardians are interested patriotic citizens that would like to escort these vets to see their memorials at their own expense.

Veterans may wish to take family members or friends, but applications must be sent in with the veteran's application to be considered. All guardians, whether they are family members or patriotic citizens interested in helping, will pay the guardian fee.

Both forms are available on line with the links to the left and or can also be printed out in a PDF form and mailed to the Headquarters. Honor Flight Tri-State, 8627 Calumet Way, Cincinnati, OH 45249

Applications in hard copy are also available by calling the hotline number and leaving a full name and address of the persons or persons wanting to travel with us - an application will be forwarded immediately. The guardian fee for 2017 is projected to be around $450. The fee is not due until you are scheduled for a flight (please do not send payment at the time of application ). After we receive your application, we will put your name on the waiting list.

All veterans and guardians will be called when their names come to the top of the waiting list. A phone interview will be conducted at that time.

All veterans are screened additionally with a medical form ( Form # 2) that must be completed and filled out by their primary care physician. This will be forwarded to you after the phone interview.

This is a long day but a long time coming - and we must be sure that the veterans can endure this type of trip / tour. The safety and honor of our veterans is our top priority.

Honor Flight frequently receives questions about the physical demands of our programs. Our goal is to host as many veterans as possible to visit the memorials honoring them for their service. Honor Flight works with vendors compliant with the accessibility requirements of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). Yet, the programs are a long day, and the travel associated with the programs can be rigorous. Applicants should consider carefully whether they can endure this type of trip/ tour, including consultation with a health care provider if necessary. The safety and honor of our veterans is our top priority.

An Honor Flight trip involves being away from home for 18 hours, having to board a charter airplane, and getting in and out of a tour bus many times ( up to 14 times on a the day of the trip). If a veteran needs a walker, we recommend that you use a wheelchair for the whole day. We do not have the capacity to take motorized scooters.

We do have a list for the 2017 flying season, but applications are still being taken at this time. If you know of any veterans that would be interested in flying with us, please contact us on the hotline 513-277-9626.

To further assist our veterans that may be concerned about the physical demands of a trip to Washington, DC, we offer a "Flightless Honor Flight" which provides a ceremony honoring our veterans at the airport or where the veteran resides. This ceremony includes a movie chronically the Washington DC tour and other festivities. See the Flightless Honor Flight tab on this website for further information.

For many of the surviving veterans, a trip to Washington DC to see their memorials is not financially or physically possible by themselves. This is the mission of Honor Flight Tri-state - to make these dreams of as many veterans as we can. If a veteran does not have a family member or friend to accompany them, we have many qualified and anxious guardians ready to assist them on their trip of a lifetime. These guardians are available for all trips and we supply them.

All flights include : Air fare, bus tour, an Honor Flight Tri-State signature t-shirt ( which must be worn on the trip ), name badge souvenier,3 meals, and assigned guardians on a one day trip. Veterans and guardians must arrive at the CVG terminal at the assigned time and we take care of everything from there. All veterans must have their own transportation to and from the airport. Guardians will be asked to attend a guardian meeting one week before their flight.

The Honor Flight Tri-State Team wishes to thank our many sponsors without who, this program would not be made available to our treasured veterans. The Simply Money Foundation, Emery Community Foundation has given us extraordinary help in sponsoring many trips and we want to thank them. With the generous support of Nathan Bachrach and Ed Finke of the "Simply Money Show" featured each night on 55 KRC, and their listeners. The message of Honor Flight Tri-State has spread to other corporate sponsors. We are overwhelmed with their generosity.

Many corporate sponsors can be found on our Honor Roll section on this website. With the outstanding of the Greater Cincinnati community, Honor Flight Tri-State will be able to continue taking World War ll and Korean veterans to their memorials in 2015. Corporate Sponsorship packets available upon request. Call 513-277-9626 for further information.

To donate to the Honor Flight Tri-state program, you can do so online using our secure PayPal Payment System (Click Here to Contribute). Checks or money orders may be mailed directly to the Headquarters : 8627 Calumet Way, Cincinnati, OH 45249. All donations are tax deductible and you will be sent a written receipt for your tax purposes.

From all of the volunteers staff and the Board of Directors of Honor Flight Tri-State we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts ! You have made it possible to take over 2,500 local veterans on the trip of a lifetime!

  "Honor Flight Tri State is a member of the National Honor Flight Network"